How do the Flexicath systems can help in reduce contamination?

Flexicath’s M/29® midterm introduces the catheter from within its sterile packaging. It cannot be touched throughout the introduction into the vein, so there is no chance of touch contamination or contact with airborne pathogens during insertion.

Does the M/29® midterm eliminate the need for good site preparation?

No. The device does not prevent any contamination that comes through the skin after the introduction of the catheter (micro vibrations) or from poor preparation of the insertion site.

What type of catheter is contained in the M/29® midterm ?

The M/29® midterm is a 20 cm (8 inches) and 10cm (4 inches) polyurethane, midline-type catheter.

What size/gauge is available?

The M/29® midterm is a general 3F catheter that replaces any extended treatment IVs used today in multiple cannulas and midlines.

Does the procedure require a Maximum Barrier® procedure?

The simplified insertion procedure does not require the placement of a Maximum Barrier® because the silicon sleeve prevents any possibility of exposing the catheter throughout the entire procedure.

How long is the M/29® midterm catheter expected to stay in the vein without the appearance of phlebitis?

The M/29® midterm is designed to fill the gap of midrange catheterization periods — usually from 4 to 29 days.

How cost-effective is the Flexicath system?

The innovative IV systems developed by Flexicath reduce the preparation time, do not require a Maximum Barrier® sterile field, and allow an easier insertion. The system enables wider use of long dwelling catheters in procedures that currently require multiple insertions of a standard cannula.

How would the catheter be inserted?

The standard peel-away introducer inserted as a standard PIV and the catheter is threaded through it while protected with the silicon sleeve. Flexicath patented Peelguard® device allows peeling the introducer without first extracting it from the vein. The catheter that remains in the vein is a soft PU catheter.

Are Fleixcath products cleared by the FDA?

Yes. The system is patented and approved by the FDA for sale in the United States.